Virginia Osborn Sanger, relief worker.

Virginia Sturges Osborn was born in 1882 to Henry Fairfield Osborn, paleontologist and president of the American Museum of Natural History, and Lucretia Thatcher Perry Osborn, a writer. She married banker Ralph Sanger in November 1904. Their only child, Fairfield Osborn Sanger, died in 1917 at age 10. Ralph Sanger was killed in a flying accident in France in August 1918.

Virginia Osborn Sanger, ca. 1909. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Div.

During World War I, Sanger worked for the French Heroes Fund in Paris, which assisted French wounded and their families, as well as bought the childhood home of the Marquis de Lafayette to serve as a school for war orphans and refugee children, a medical facility for children, and a museum commemorating Franco-American friendship. Sanger also worked at American Red Cross Hospital No. 1 in Neuilly. In July 1918, she wrote a letter to President Woodrow Wilson (Wilson had been a professor at Princeton University at the same time as her father):

My work is at Neuilly Hospital and I have helped to nurse the boys, for they are mere boys, who have been brought in from the Somme, Chateau Thierry and Cantigny. With their poor shattered bodies and amazing courage in the fearful pain they are called upon to endure one is filled with a great gratitude in knowing that controlling the destinies of our people you fully understand the horrors of war and will not prolong it one hour longer, than is necessary to realize the peace which will unite the world in such a way as to make impossible a repetition of such agonies. (1–2)

She returned to the United States in September 1919. She married investment banker Robert McKay in August 1923 and died in 1955.