Girl Scout messenger of WWI: Eugenia Clement.


Clement Eugenia Clement, from U-Maryland’s yearbook Reveille (1926)

The 15 July 1918 Brooklyn Daily Eagle discusses Surgeon General William C. Gorgas’s use of 46 Girl Scouts as messengers so that men could be released for service in World War I. Gorgas followed the example of General Enoch Crowder, the army’s provost marshal, who employed Girl Scouts for the same purpose.

Among the girls listed and lauded for their discipline and “practical patriotism” is DC-born Eugenia Clement. Clement, aka Eugenia Clement Brooke (1906–71), was the first woman to take a course in University of Maryland’s College of Engineering and was a member of UM’s winning rifle team. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from UM in 1926 and 1927, had positions at the Naval Ordnance Lab and Goddard Space Flight Center, and worked on the Apollo 11 mission.